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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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today. coming up upper 50s low to mid 60s. there is a little chill in the air. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up in five minutes. >> thanks, steve. we do have a closure to mention. 101 northbound it's shut down until 5:00 this morning. there are detours in place. let's head outside right now. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is flowing well in both directions. 880 near the oakland coliseum things are flowing nicely. and traffic is flowing well on sfo. 4:30 let's head back to the desk. overnight news this morning a man is in the hospital after being shot in the face in east oakland. ktvu claudine wong is at oakland police head quarters. >> reporter: at this hour police searching for whoever is
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responsible for this shooting. i want to show the scene when police were out there earlier. this is at stone and pippin. it happened at a motor home park. witnesses at the scene tell us a group of guys rushed the victim that was standing on the sidewalk with a group of friends. they were apparently on their way out. it's all about 12:35 this morning. the victim was in his 20s and has been shot twice. i want to show you also video from the hospital as that victim was taken to the hospital this morning. we've talked to oakland police this morning. they confirm he was shot once in the face, once in the shoulder, but he is in stable condition. at this point it's still unclear if this is the fight between people who knew each other. if this was a random shooting. that's what police are trying to get to the bottom of this morning. we have been talking to police. we've been out to the scene. we will try to get more
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information on this. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. sad news from the sierra came late last night. a skier has died after getting swept up in an avalanche in lake tahoe's back country. it happened yesterday afternoon while the man was skiing with two other people near the al pine meadow ski resort. is now he spoke to a member of the tahoe rescue team that painted a clear picture of what happened when the wall of snow came down. >> it was a pretty big slide. there were three guys and one was caught in the slide right from the get go and taken down the mountain quite a ways. probably 300 feet down. >> the plaster county coroner is expected do release the name of the opinion that died later this morning. this should serve as an
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important safety reminder. this is video from the sierra avalanche center. it shows the dangerous conditions facing skiers and snow borders especially while out in the back country. the tahoe ski resorts are supposed to be busy this weekend following that big snowstorm in months. 4:33 is the time. a handful of occupy protestors spent the night outside of the federal reserve building. this morning there was only one person left. protestors say they were reasserting their right to peacefully assemble. you may recall in december police cleared out an occupy encampment in front of this same building. also in san francisco police cited a dozen protestors that held a sit in at the state building. last nights demonstration was part of a larger day of action to all attention to state education cuts and promote the so-called millionaires tax. hundreds of students blocked the main entrances to campus
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and occupy the capitol demonstration is planned for monday. this morning the judge in ross mirkarimi's case will hold another important hearing. it will be the final hearing before jury selection. the judge will hold a private meeting with christina flores. one of mirkarimi's former girl friends. the judge will then decide if flores will be allowed to testify in the trial. flores filed a police report saying mirkarimi abused her during their relationship which is prior to his marriage. police in antioch are about to get a badly needed boost in manpower. the goal is to get more officers patrolling the city's trouble spots as soon as possible. city leaders have given the police department the green light to hire three full-time officers if. they will also bring on as many as five-part time officers.
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>> if we can use per diem officers during the peak times that will free up officers to go out own work patrol. >> the police department says more officers are needed because the recent increase in crime in antioch. people in alameda could be asked to vote on a sales tax hike on the upcoming join ballot. it could generate close to $2 million for the city. the revenue would go toward police and fire services and a new disaster operation center. they would consider placing the tax ballot on wednesday. yellen set its initial public offering at $15 a share. they look at more than 25
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million reviews. time is 4:35 there is a closure in mountain view. let's check in on traffic. >> yes. northbound 101 between old middle field way is shut down until 5:00 this morning because of construction. detours are in place but it's a good idea to avoid this route because of the details. now let's take a look at the east shore freeway. no is problem there is. at the bay bridge toll plaza same story not too many spokes out there this morning for your friday. we expect that to change later. 280 in san jose actually this is san francisco. this is looking pretty good at this hour. 4:37 let's check in with steve. the weather is looking pretty good as well. much needed rain though. much needed. signs our forecast models one is leaning more toward rain against next week. but the weekend everything is in sync for a good weekend. the breeze is out of the north,
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northwest. more indicated out in the valley or out toward about vacaville and sacramento. today it will be sunny side up. temperatures held down due to the cloud and the rain. but it's a warmer forecast. now we're not going crazy here but by the weekend we'll see upper 60s to 70. santa rosa here 66. concord 59-64. and 65 today after a very cloudy, kind of drizzly rainy day in san jose. 30s for many today. 40s. that 37 is at the oakland airport. low 40s mountain view and san jose. fairfield 43 because they are getting that north breeze. system moves out rapidly. there is your signature high pressure building in for the next three days. sunny and breezy a colder morning though. patchy fog but steer clear. it looks nice. temperatures will start to rebound in the overs today. low to mid. a few upper 50s. it will be sunny and nice and
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visibility is sparkling. it will be cold tomorrow morning. but then sunny side up and warmer. increasing clouds on tuesday. pamela. >> thank you, steven. more severe weather is expected to hit the south and midwest this morning. tornadoes devastated communities in several states already this week. killing 13 people. six people died in harrisburg, illinois where cleanup efforts are now on hold ahead of the next storm. right now, forecasters are warning that this new storm could bring more hail, rain, and tornadoes and has the potential to be even stronger than wednesday's deadly storms. 4:38 is the time right now. central california high school teacher leaves his family for a student. and it's been around for more than 50 years but why it may be closing soon for a popular bay area closing. here's a live look at highway 4 through bay point.
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we'll let you know how your other bay area traffic is looking.
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it's cold out there this morning. 30s and 40s. it will be sunny topmostly sunny -- it will be sunny to mostly sunny today. now more mid 60s. new this morning voters in iran are heading to the polls today for the first time since a disputed presidential
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election lead to massive protests. he turned in his ballot earlier this morning. today's election is to decide key parliament reraces. this is the first in iran since macmood deem january won. classes resume at the ohio high school where three students were shot. students reentered chardon high school with arms linked. the 17-year-old that has admitted to killing three students and wounding twoen others appeared in juvenile court yesterday. prosecutors want to charge tj lane as an adult. funeral services for the victims are set to take place tomorrow, tuesday, and thursday. in arizona, a 17-year-old boy is recovering after the car he was riding in was shot outside of his high school.
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police say the teenager was cut by flying glass as a man fired his rifle indiscriminantly in will cox. it happened near a high school baseball game. no one else was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out why he was firing the gun. a former central california teacher is under investigation after quitting his job and starting a new life with a student. the teacher 41-year-old james hooker resigned from the medesto high school last week. he left after police launched an investigation into his relationship with his student. 18-year-old jordan powers. hooker insists the two did not start dating until the girl was of legal age. but he left his wife and children and now living with powers. students and parents say they are shocked. >> he's like 41, she's like 18. it's legal but it's gross. >> it's definitely wrong for him to have pursued her in any way while he was still a
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teacher. >> no criminal charges have been filed in that case. there is new information on the case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. new documents filed yesterday claim sandusky sexually abused boys ranging in age from eight years old to 17 years old. eight of them were moiressed on the penn state campus. crimes involving one of the ten alleged victims took place in florida and texas. and then another boy was abused at his own school. sandusky's trial on 52 criminal counts is scheduled to begin in may. he is denying the allegations. the court battle over proposition 8 is moving forward. we will recall a three judge panel that prop # violate -- prop 8 violates the rights of same sex couple. now we've learned that prop 8
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opponents filed new paper work asking judges to reject that new appeal. now 4:44. cyber security is becoming the nations top threat. that is the warping from fbi director robert mueller at the security conference in san francisco. he says the fbi needs cyber security experts from the private sector to help his agency tackle the threats. tony blair is set to speak at the conference this afternoon. metal thieves are being blamed for the disappearance of two bronze ornaments from an oakland landmark. they were taken from the fountain at broadway and telegraph a month ago. the bronze pieces each way 200 pounds. they were bolted on to the statue. the city is asking recycling companies to keep an eye out. if the missing pieces are not returned, they will try to raise money to replicate them. it's about to be closing time for a popular community
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gathering spot that has been around for 51 years. the landlord will not renew the lease. now the managers say they have has many as 3,000 customers a week and customers say they are losing a little bit of their history. >> it's sad we will lose another community hall in the bay area. it's a place where a lot of people to congregate. you get all sorts of people here. >> there is a petition circulating to try to convince the landlord to let serra bowl to stay put. >> if you're headed to the mountains you should expected plenty of company on interstate 80 through the sierra. high wednesday at the upper lifts kept skiers and snow borders at the lower levels most of yesterday. most people were happy to wait in line instead of wonder when they would get a chance to hit the slopes. >> it's time we got some snow.
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everyone is really excited. >> it's what everyone has been waiting for for the last two or three months. >> we just checked with cal tran and all the major sierra roads are clear. the resorts are expecting a very busy weekend. low rainfall is forcing water officials in the north bay to do something they haven't done in 20 years. the marin water municipal water district is pumping water from the phoenix reservoir. water levels across marin are below levels. the district does not plan to put any water restrictions into place. we know how the $23 million settlement for oil spill will be spent. for more than four years after the spill the plan includes spending $5 million for restoring bird life. $4million for improving bird habitat. almost $19 million to improve
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recreation around the san francisco bay and the beaches. the winter spare the air season is now over. the season runs from november 1st to the end of february. bay area air quality managers say there were 15 spare the air days during that month. the air direct got more than 3700 complaints about wood smoke and sent out 336 warningish letter -- warning letters. the price ofiphones and ipads may be going up. the events overseas that could have people paying more for apple products. three homes damaged. debris scattered all over northern california neighborhood. the unusual accident that caused that mess. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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welcome back to the ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. look at this scene. three homes are damaged. police say a driver of a jeep cherokee was speeding through a citrus height neighborhood and lost control. he crashed through the fence of the first home. went through the garage of house number two and finally stopped after crashing into the third home. >> there was an explosion. i thought the water heater exploded. >> fortunately no one was injured even the driver of the jeep walked away. still no word if he will face any charges. apple fans could soon be paying more for iphones, ipads, and other products that are made in china. industry analysts say the fair labor association will drive up the price of apple products. they say the inspections are very likely to encourage workplace improvements which will mean higher costs for apple. the cupertino based company asked for the audits after customers expressed concerns over working conditions in the
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chinese plant. san francisco high schooler is one of the 13 finalists on american idol. >> you can let your hair down one more time deandre. >> local friends cheering the moment 17-year-old deandre was pick as the judges wild card. he is a senior at oak grove high school. >> all the sudden he is doing this and it's like wow. thankfully people get to see what real people can do. >> this is actually a second time trying to be the next american idol. last year he failed to qualify for the top 24. oak grove high school has planned to rally for him later this morning. 4:52 is the time. let's check in with tara. if you're headed up to tahoe how about change? >> luckily no change needed on 80 or 50. all the roadways are clear. of course it's a good idea to carry them just in case we do get more snow. let's talk about an accident we
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have in oakland. this is 580 westbound just west of keller avenue. two-car crash it looks like a noninjury accident. that is the good news. let's look at highway 24 at lafayette there is traffic on the right hand side of your screen westbound as you make your way toward the caldecott tunnel not looking too bad. finally 680 near the sunol grade traffic on fremont is looking good. let's check in with steve. >> sarah, are you okay? >> i'm sorry. had a little strep throat earlier. trying to make sure it's over. >> it's friday, you'll make it. we have clear skies if there is any fog, it won't last long. temperatures will rebound. they are much colder here this morning. today's forecast clear, and cold. temperatures in the 30s by noon sunshine a little breeze here and there. the breeze will pick up out of the north and northwest.
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yesterday temperatures held in the 50s. today we will go with 60s low to mid. 30s santa rosa if it wasn't for a north wind at five. san rafael. napa in there. concord also livermore. heyward and redwood city. everyone else is close. north, northwest out in the big valley. sacramento to stockton there. a north wind and northwest. nothing too outrageous but it is a sign of things to come today. high pressure will build in. we'll have great sunshine and warm weather as we go into the weekend for everyone on a need to know basis. sunny, breezy, cold morning. patchy fog. i doubt much is there. afternoon highs will be in the 60s for many. a few upper 50s or low 60s close to the coast. 66 santa rosa. berkeley 62. san rafael and fairfield both
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64. this may be one of the days it may be a little warmer toward redwood city and san mateo. we could get that north wind. it will still be sunny for all. speaking of it will be cold in the morning. i think about the same on sunday pap little cooler monday. increasing clouds and cooler on tuesday. pam. the recent rains have not effected a san francisco neighborhood where there was a rock slide at the end of january. the city's recreation and parks department cleaned up all the rocks and debris. those are the pictures from the rock slide in january. january 23rd sent huge bolders tumbling down the side of the hill. crushing a car below. that section that gave way is in the telegraph hill neighborhood. not far from coit tower. they are suing saying san francisco didn't do an environmental impact when they expanded it to all businesses.
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now it wants the entire law thrown out. supporters call this an end run around the law. it's worth a little more to recycle the plastic bottles. the state raised the bulk rate for recycling. now recycling centers will pay $1 a pound for plastic bottles. that is up seven cents. and the rate for aluminum cans goes up. we are coming up on 5:00. a skier dies in an avalanche. the warning being issued at that area as we head into a very big weekend on the slopes. police investigate an overnight shooting in oakland. what businesses tell police.
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right now oakland police are looking for whoever is behind an early morning shooting. we'll tell you what witnesses say the victim was doing. caught up in affair value avalanche. new developments in the domestic abuse trial of san francisco sheriff. the potential witness that will be meeting with the judge in a
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few hours. protestors occupy downtown san francisco again. the building in the cross hairs and the message they tried to get across. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. g thank you for waking up with us it's -- good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's friday, march 2nd. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. i want some sunshine. >> you will get some. we had a couple days of rain. much needed. the breeze has picked up. it will be sunny today. on the cool side. north wind kicking in. temperatures will rebound from the 30s and end up in the low to mid 60s for most. here is tara. thanks, steve. this is a look at highway 4 through bay point. the traffic is flowing nicely on the bottom portion of your screen that is as you make your way westbound toward concord. up next we have


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